Because autism is a spectrum disorder, symptoms range from mild to severe and the level of developmental delay is unique to each individual. There’s an array of practitioners that comprise the clinical roster: medical doctors and dentists experienced in working with ASD patients and speech, behavioral and occupational therapists, which can help a child acclimate and normalize existing sensory challenges.

The lack of comprehensive care in local communities can be a significant and overwhelming health challenge for families with autistic children. To address this, Autism Speaks launched the Autism Treatment Network (ATN) which currently includes 17 leading children’s hospitals and academic medical centers in the U.S. and Canada. Parents should explore and be open minded to a variety of options and provide their child with a multi-disciplinary approach to intervention and support.

Support groups can help parents learn about reliable resources, schools and professionals. These groups can also offer emotional support. The need for support doesn’t start or end after diagnosis. Preschool, kindergarten and elementary school are major transition periods as is adolescence. The bridge from high school to adulthood is the greatest transition with much more significant and longer lasting effect. It’s important for families to reach out during these periods to other families and professionals in the community.

Autism Allies of Wright County strives to improve the lives of individuals with autism and their families by providing information regarding local resources. Our hope is that these resources will help you find providers who can meet your needs or the needs of a loved one. We are always interested in learning about new local resources, so if you know of a provider we have not listed, please let us know by clicking here.

Educational Support

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)

A place for you and your child to play and learn.

MN Department of Education

Equipment and Supplies

  • Ablenet – Communication switches and mounting systems to assist the adult/child with expressing their need/wants to caregivers as well as other adapted products for inclusion into everyday activities both in the classroom and at home.
  • Access to Recreation – Adapted equipment for all areas of recreation.
  • Achievement Products – Variety of equipment for special needs.
  • ActivStyle – Incontinence products.
  • Adaptive Mall – Adaptive equipment of all kinds.
  • Allegro Medical – Durable medical products and other medical supplies.
  • Attainment Company – Software and speaking devices as well as other helpful products.
  • Assistive Technology of MN – Nonprofit organization that provides access to life changing equipment for people with disabilities.
  • Assistive Technology Resources – Helpful resources through the Courage Center.
  • Beyond Play – Early Intervention products specifically for children birth to five with special needs.
  • Cozy Calm – Weighted blankets of all sizes.
  • Do 2 Learn – Games, songs, communication cards, print resources, print free PECS, and information for special needs.
  • Enabling Devices – This company provides assistive and learning devices for children with special needs. They also provide products for independent living.
  • FlagHouse – Variety of products for special needs.
  • Freedom of Speech – Assistive technology solutions for people with and without disabilities. Specializes in learning cisabilities, dyslexia, blindness, low vision, Braille, accessible door openers and environmental control systems.
  • Gillette Children’s Assistive Technology
  • Integrations – Sensory integration toys/equipment.
  • Kaplan – Educational toys.
  • Lakeshore – Wide variety of educational items.
  • Pro-Ed – Speech and language arts materials.
  • Mayer-Johnson, Inc. – Augmentative (assisted) communication products including PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System).
  • Professional Development Programs – Professional development programs, inexpensive products, and publications.
  • Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc. – Products for the Picture Exchange Communication System and the Pyramid Approach to Education.
  • Quilted Illusions – Weighted quilts, weighted vests, weighted animals, and texture quilts among other products. Made to order (size, style, and fabric).
  • Rifton Equipment – Adapted seating and mobility products often used in the school setting.
  • Southpaw Enterprises, Inc. – Develops and manufactures sensory integration products.
  • Sportime Abilitations – Many different products for children with special needs including mobility aids, sensory integration equipment, adapted swimming equipment, educational games/ items.
  • Super Duper Publications – Sensory, learning, and communication products.
  • TFH Special Needs Toys – Variety of sensory and therapy products.
  • Therapro – Adapted products for children and adults with special needs.
  • Therapy Shoppe – Specialty toys, games, educational equipment, sensory, and motor products.
  • Woodbine House – Written materials related to special needs.


  • Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development – Vocational rehabilitation services for people with disabilities.
  • Central MN Jobs and Training Services – Provides quality training and job placement services.
  • Functional Industries – Community rehabilitation service provider that provides job placement, career planning, and other employment services as well as a day treatment and rehabilitation program.
  • Opportunity Partners – Opportunity Partners supports choices for people with disabilities through innovative services and strategic collaborations, assisting those we serve to live, learn, and work – adding value to their lives and communities.
  • Project C3 – Resources in MN for transition age individuals. It has a search engine where you can select housing, employment, financial aid, recreation, family services, and then select the area you are living in and it will pull up these resources.
  • Project SEARCH – Provides real-life work experience to help youth with significant disabilities make successful transitions from school to adult life


Housing/Residential Services

Information and Referral

Leisure and Recreation

Respite Options

Service Providers

Special Diet

  • TACA – Guidance for implementing a special diet.
  • Coborn’s – Many gluten-free products in their stores and online.
  • Azure Standard – Specializes in natural, organic, earth-friendly foods and products.

Support and Advocacy

Therapeutic Horseback

  • Freedom Farm – Therapeutic riding incorporating sensory, cognitive, and social stimulation to build skills and confidence. Located in Waverly.
  • Sharadise Therapeutics – Facility located in rural Monticello (near Lake Maria State Park).
  • We Can Ride – Therapeutic horseback riding for disabled children and adults. They have five facilities including; Minnetonka, Independence, Waconia, Delano, and Marine on St. Croix.



Guardianship / Conservatorship


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